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"Most Extreme Airports" - History Channel | 7:31

Selected sections from a special documentary for History Channel. The show highlights airports from around the world that have reputations for being dangerous to people both flying and on the ground!

"Return to Limbang" - History Channel UK | 5:50

Documentary for History Channel UK that tells the story of a classified military battle that took place in the early 1960's between rebelling natives of a small village in the jungle of Borneo, and the British Royal Marines. We took two Marines and their Commander who fought together in the battle, and reunited them with the leader of the rebel guerilla force they confronted. During the production of this program, it was discovered that the written history of this conflict was not totally correct and needed to be re-written. The British Royal Marines 42 Commando Group were so moved by the outcome of this program they honored me by making me the first American given honorary membership into their elite group.

"Genesis of Healing" - Veria Network | 5:56

Select scenes from one show in a series of 26 one-hour shows I shot for the Veria Healthy Living Network (now called Z Living). This series investigates the origin of holistic healing techniques around the world.

"Ruth" - Zola Levitt Presents | 11:19

This is a collection of excerpts from a multi-part series I shot for the television show, "Zola Levitt Presents." which airs on the Daystar Network and more than 100 stations around the world. The show teaches the Bible with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy, and the Jewish roots of Christianity.  I've shot various topics for more than ten seasons of the show. This series and all the others were shot on location in Israel. 

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